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Ophelia Upp is a multi-talented drag performer from Eastern Ontario. She reigns from Brockville, ON and has performed all over the region. 


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She is a multi-talented performer will the ability to DJ, sing, dance, act & perform stand-up comedy while hosting shows.  

Presently, she hosts her own brand of drag shows, monthly events featuring local & distant diverse drag performers. 

Performing Since 2013

Miss Brockville Pride 2014
Most Entertaining Performance (Swizzles Bar, Ottawa)
House Queen: Barley Mow Brockville 2015-2016
Miss Congeniality (Kingston Pride) 2016
House Queen: Union Jack Brockville, 2016-2019
Runner-up, Miss Brockville Pride 2018
House Queen: Barley Mow Brockville, 2019-Current
House Queen: Moose McGuire's Brockville, Current

Ophelia Upp plans and executes every one of her shows with class, care and expertise.

Some of these shows include:

  • Bar drag shows

  • All-you-can-eat brunches

  • Dirty Bingo games

  • Burlesque/Drag shows

  • Pride festivals

  • Drag competitions

  • Boat cruises

  • Patio drag shows

  • Birthday parties

  • Bachelorette parties

  • Drive-By drag shows (during COVID)

  • Amateur competitions

Oph fan1.jpg

Ophelia Upp hosts her own shows, which include up to 5 rotating performers. 


Some types of performers she hires are:

  • Drag Queens

  • Drag Kings

  • Faux (Hyper) Queens

  • Burlesque performers

  • Boylesque performers

  • Genderqueer performers

  • Bearded Queens

and much more!

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